Summer Camps

EcoSport Summer Camps are FUN! But it does not end there. We promote situations and challenges that guide each young person to greater potential. Creativity, personal confidence, and teamwork are the name of the game.

EcoSport understands Experiential Education and the ABCs of Adventure Based Counseling. Through our camps you will discover the beauty of the outdoors with Amazing Ecuador as your playground. There is no better place to learn about determination, responsibility and self-discovery. To believe is to achieve the impossible!

Ant Squadron (6-8 years old)
These trips are three days long and take place just outside the city of Quito at a private hacienda. Here we learn what it is like to live outside.

Day 1- Quito - Hacienda Carapungo. Here we begin with adaptation games and go over the basics of camping.

Day 2- Hacienda Cataguango. Today we hike to the old hacienda of Manuelita Sáenz; part of a grand, romantic history of Ecuador.

Day 3- The morning is filled with games and other explorations. In the afternoon we return to Quito.

Debutantes (8-10 years old)
Debutante is Spanish for any newcomer. This camp goes for 7 days and is designed for kids who want to learn to camp and improve their skill at different adventure sports.

Intermedios (11-13 years old)
This intermediate level camp is 9 days long and is geared toward young folks looking for challenges and loco amounts of fun. While biking, hiking and paddling, will have the opportunity to visit…

Multisport Odyssey (14-18 years old)
Twelve days of adventure for young people who already are accustomed to adventure sports and the outdoors and especially those who are coming with EcoSport for a second, or even, third time.

Day 1- Depart Quito for Pastocalle. There we go over our plans and the camp rules.

Day 2-3- We start with activities that strengthen how we work together. And then we start our first mission; an acclimatization hike that takes us through the saddle between the mountains of Los Illinizas and El Corazón.

Day 4-5- We learn about Knots, Orientation and Camping at altitude and begin working are way up the skirts of El Corazón.

Day 6- Summit Day on El Corazón!! (4788m/15,709 ft)

Day 7- Mini adventure race day. Your new Orienteering techniques will now put to the test. Hint of the day… Generally West.

Day 8- Big Transition Day. We work our way down from the highland páramo and grasslands to find ourselves in a lush Cloud Forest.

Day 9- Today we find ourselves among orchids and waterfalls with the need to drop a bit more altitude. A 20 meter rappel should help!

Day 10-11- Now it is getting warm enough to spend some time in the water… Whitewater! We will be cruising down river through class II-III rapids for 40 Kilometers! A little long? Guess we better find some nice beaches to camp on.

Day 12- Return to Quito. Sorry, you will have to get into a motorized vehicle for this part. Today we break things down and clean things up before heading off to our closing ceremony.

Adventure Club
The Adventure Club is a chance for kids who have some outdoor experience to get out side on some great one and two-day excursions. Club members get the chance to improve their skills at a myriad of sports.